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Teacher surprised with Class Act award | News

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Teacher surprised with Class Act award

MARIETTA, Ga. -- For the first time in the 11 years of Class Act, 11Alive surprised a teacher with the award.

"It's 11Alive News. Yes. Oh, my goodness!" Susan Becker of Addison Elementary School said as photographer Kathy Bourn and reporter Donna Lowry arrived in her class with her principal, Karen Crowder. "I'm so happy to meet you!"

On learning she won the Class Act Award, she said, "Oh, thank you!"

Principal Crowder said she didn't tell Becker about the award ahead of time because she felt Becker would worry too much about the on-camera attention.

While Becker admits she gets nervous talking to groups of adults, it's clear she's comfortable around little people.

"I've always enjoyed working with children," she said. "My mom's a teacher. My grandmother and my great-grandmother are teachers."

She has worked at Addison Elementary 10 years and has always taught early elementary.

"I love everything (about teaching). The children are so excited to learn," she said. "Creating wonderful lessons and seeing how their minds work, it's just very exciting. They all have their individual reading levels."

"I do love what I do and I'm very honored to have you (the 11Alive crew) come in the door this morning," she said.