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Six Flags coaster takes off with child unsecured, woman says | News

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Six Flags coaster takes off with child unsecured, woman says

AUSTELL, Ga. -- All Stephanie Shearer could think about was what happened in Texas on Friday. A woman fell to her death from a roller coaster at a Six Flags park in Texas.

Shearer had that fear while watching her 7-year-old son get on a roller coaster at Six Flags over Georgia on Monday. 

Her son was on the Dahlonega Mine Train, it's not like the 14-story roller coaster in Texas but it's a roller coaster nonetheless, and it's about four stories high.

As the ride left the station Shearer saw her son Foster trying to get her attention, he was pointing at the safety bar and it wasn't pulled down.

She said she and her mother started screaming and it got the attention of an attendant who stopped the ride and fixed the bar.

According to Shearer, "the person that goes up and down to check all the bars must not have checked his because it was obvious it was still up in the upright position so it hadn't been checked."

"They were starting to run the train and I was just like freaked out and stuff and then my mom saw it and I was just like mommy, my bars not down," she said. 

Had the train pulled out without stopping, Shearer is convinced her son wouldn't' have been able to stay in the car.

11Alive has tried repeatedly to get a response from Six Flags but our calls have not been returned.